Welcome to #Kaiiax, a strategic partner to our clients. If you are not our client, you've probably heard something about us. Let us reveal the truth. We are the guy who helped your competitor sell more, manage better, and hire quicker than you. And this year we act even more aggressively. We are fully project-driven and you know well what that means. We turn opportunities into feasible projects. We turn projects into results. We live in the era of tech capitalism, an ever changing game. The markets are crowded, the innovations are hard, and the stakes are high. This is why you need a consulting firm with #norules and strong competencies in #transformation, #digital, #sales and #data. Our mission is to accelerate market growth by strengthening you, the players. We don’t sell. We connect. And before you call, talk to our clients: RubyGarage, SteelKiwi, Railsware, Yalantis, UKAD Group, Tallium, WhideGroup, MadAppGang.