Educate. Transform. Succeed.

Kaiiax is a management consulting agency founded by business development and marketing specialists in the tech sector. We partner with technology companies to accelerate their growth. Our clients include large and mid-sized IT companies like Railsware, Intellias, and Yalantis. We are open-minded, intelligent, and venturesome millennials fascinated by the world around us.

How we add value

We discover opportunities and realize them. Our clients recognize us as an external transformation, marketing or business development department of their own company.

  • Business

    Transformation is an opportunity for business to make their operations more efficient and become more profitable. We help our clients overcome barriers and enable transformations. By improving operational efficiencies in delivery, sales and marketing Kaiiax influences the ability of the company to improve its business performance.

  • Competitive

    Knowledge is essential for business transformation. We go deep to discover insights and define what strategy will add the most value to our clients' businesses. We publish our findings about emerging technologies and how IT companies can benefit from these technologies so that any executive could make decisions faster.

  • Efficient

    Just like a network can't run without internet, a company can't function without people, processes, technology, and market strategy. We find cracks in the infrastructure and repair them. Kaiiax works directly with top-management and front line employees to build and maintain the infrastructure supporting the company's business operations.

  • Professional

    Together with our clients we discover business opportunities for change, find solutions that enable transformation, and implement these solutions. We build projects where our clients need experience and high level of expertise. These projects include inbound marketing strategy and implementation, and website redesign.

Executive team

Critical thinking, curiosity, and creative mindset are our common traits. We love our work and put all of our energy into mastering our capabilities. Our goal is to create success out of everything we do.

  • Kate Abrosimova
    Kate is an expert in content marketing and copywriting. She has helped craft marketing strategies for many technology businesses.
  • Ian Chernev
    Ian is a multidisciplinary IT professional. He has hands-on experience in technology research, UX architecture, business development and marketing.