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We are a team within Kaiiax Group focused on SEO and link building. We've helped software development companies like Bridge, design agencies like Eleken, and game art companies like Room 8 Studio achieve better SERP rankings, increase relevant organic traffic, and generate leads.

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Why work with us

01. Results

At our core, we focus on delivering exceptional content, implementing effective SEO strategies, and generating top-tier backlinks to boost your website's rankings, drive relevant traffic, and increase the number of marketing qualified leads (MQL) in your sales pipeline.

02. Control

Working with us ensures transparency and control throughout the entire process. Our comprehensive reports and detailed explanations provide valuable insights for all project stakeholders, empowering them to make informed decisions and take necessary actions.

03. Cost

Through our tailor-made software and "LEAN" operations design, we cut the cost of SEO and link building for our clients. Our software is customized to meet their unique needs, and our operations are optimized on a monthly basis for maximum efficiency.

What we do and others don’t

Marketing Security

Our team employs a comprehensive 360 risk management approach to safeguard against a variety of security events that can impact your SEO efforts and reputation, including unintentional spam, competitor actions, search engine algorithm updates, and more.

Open Discussion

We encourage the sharing of ideas and healthy debate. Through years of fostering an environment of fair and constructive disputes, we have created a culture where the best ideas, rather than the most important people, ultimately win.

Proprietary Software

While tools such as Search Console and Ahrefs are useful, they are not always sufficient. We continually develop and improve our own custom software to meet the specific needs of our SEO operations, ensuring the best possible results for our clients.

Our clients

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