You need roles, not job titles

You need roles, not job titles

Content marketing is a bloated term. Different people have different ideas of what this is, how it should work and who they should hire.

At Kaiiax, we understand content marketing as a set of people, processes, and technologies for planning, producing, distributing, and analyzing content.

The whole point of content marketing is to create content and distribute it to the target audience. This requires a well-tuned operation and talented people.

You need roles, not job titles

When a company wants to do content marketing, they typically look for writers, social media managers, SEO specialists, marketing managers, link building specialists, and other people to fill in content marketing positions. Once all jobs are covered it seems like the machine is fully ready for operation.

But is it?

Content marketing is complicated. There are so many things involved. And if some piece isn’t working or missing completely, then the whole operation will suffer. A full team packaged with standard job titles doesn’t necessarily cover all the roles involved.