A team of fearless explorers

We value creativity, truth, and journey.
Everybody wants to be an expert. If you're an expert, you must have the expertise, which is a good thing. But there are situations in which expertise may be bad. For example, when you need to think creatively. Experts freeze creativity. They throw their experience into the furnace. Experience is the thing of the past. It won't help much if you're dealing with the present. To make progress, you need creativity. Creativity is what makes us human.
Marketers are all liars! Right? They sling catchy phrases, tweet utter nonsense, and hurl misleading claims. We are also marketers. But we aren't looking for a quick buck, for people to like us, and for clients to "buy" us. We're looking for truth. Hunting for the truth and telling it to our clients, our coworkers, or our clients' users is a challenge. It takes a lot of courage. And frankly, we could be much better off with lies. We opt for truth, however, because it feels right.
Do you know when people are the happiest?…Wait for it…on a beach sipping Mojito. Joking. Believe it or not, people are happiest when they’re working. But not simply working. People experience their happiest moments when they’re in a state of flow. It's when your brain has no time to think about cookies or Instagram. It's when you're fully concentrated on the process of work. We call it a journey. We focus on the journey, not the final destination.

Predictability is boring.
Let's discover the unknown!

Kaiiax is made from a combination of the word Kayak and a letter X. Kayak is a boat design that has been around for at least 4,000 years. X is a symbol that represents the unknown. Kaiiax is a verb that means throwing yourself into the unknown. Because this is the best thing you can do to yourself.


Never forget that we live in the best of times.
Accept and respect other people
Green consumption
Save the planet by doing more with less
Internet privacy
Be in control of your own data
Freedom of speech
Don't be afraid to say what you think
Human rights
Lead the way for fairness, dignity, equality, and respect
Create technology and build the future

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