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SteelKiwi Content Marketing Case Study

SteelKiwi Content Marketing Case Study
SteelKiwi Content Marketing Case Study

We helped SteelKiwi grow from 0 to 50 leads per month from organic search in 2 years. Learn more about what we did to get it done.

About SteelKiwi

  • Software consultancy (Python – core tech)
  • Founded in 2011
  • Ukraine
  • 80+ in-house specialists

SteelKiwi is a custom software development agency with 80+ in-house talents and two development offices in Ukraine, in Odesa, and in Vinnytsia. They have extensive experience in custom application development for web and mobile platforms.

Scope of Kaiiax services

What we did to help SteelKiwi generate inbound marketing leads.

SEO strategy Content strategy Technical SEO
SEO Website content Linkbuilding
Market research Talent acquisition Consulting
Marketing operations Education

SteelKiwi wanted to diversify its lead acquisition channels to minimize the risk of sales decline in the worst-case scenario. At the same time, they were looking for a new sustainable marketing channel that would allow them to grow their team and increase revenue.

After a few meetings with SteelKiwi, Kaiiax was chosen as a long-term partner for the entire inbound marketing and operations development.

From writing high-quality content for SteelKiwi’s website to hiring a team, we built the necessary prerequisites to execute content marketing campaigns. 

We helped SteelKiwi choose target markets, rebuild their website information architecture, fix technical SEO issues and maintain a healthy website, build backlinks, make strategic marketing decisions and execute high-quality inbound marketing operations on a regular schedule. 

Client feedback

Viacheslav Pomonarov, Co-Founder/CEO at Steelkiwi Inc.

“The results of our cooperation with Kaiiax have left us more than satisfied. Starting from the earliest stages of working on our project, Kaiiax team helped us properly lay a foundation for it and think through the important details. Worth mentioning, there have been no issues with communication and the quality of their services in the process.”

Choosing the right direction from the get-go

Starting from scratch isn’t something new to the Ukrainian tech market. But what’s super important is to choose the right direction from the start. Kaiiax’s expertise in content strategy, operations, talent acquisition, and SEO was the right fit for SteelKiwi’s case. Our work with SteelKiwi lasted for 3 years and we got to the point where they regularly generated 50+ inbound marketing leads.