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RubyGarage Website Content Writing Case Study

RubyGarage Website Content Writing Case Study
RubyGarage Website Content Writing Case Study

RubyGarage decided to leverage content marketing to generate leads for their business. But their existing website failed to provide a compelling offer. We redesigned their website architecture and wrote compelling SEO-optimized copy for each page helping RubyGarage to dramatically increase both traffic and marketing qualified leads.

Meet RubyGarage

  • Software development company
  • Founded in 2014
  • Dnipro, Ukraine
  • 150+ in-house specialists

RubyGarage is a software development company with a specific focus on Ruby on Rails. They have an excellent delivery thanks to well-defined processes at every stage of product development from requirements gathering to quality assurance.

Project context

Volodymyr Vorobiov, the founder and CEO of RubyGarage turned to us back in 2018 for content marketing consulting. At that time, his company wasn’t using SEO and content marketing for lead generation. 

To help RubyGarage put the content marketing machine into operation, we needed a strong foundation – a website that clearly describes the company’s value proposition for each of its target markets and is well-optimized for search.

We rebuilt the structure of the RubyGarage website, defined key search terms that we chose to rank for, described value propositions for every offer, and created SEO-optimized copy for every page. With this site structure, RubyGarage could easily add new offers without having to redesign its website from scratch.

We came up with a slogan “Technology matters” for the home page to convey a message about RubyGarage as a solid technology-oriented company. To support this message, we also created a page called “Engineering.” The idea of this page is to describe the unique engineering culture that RubyGarage has and what value it brings to its clients.

About a year after their new website was released, Kaiiax also took part in creating third-level pages that the Engineering page links to. These pages describe processes in each of the company’s departments, that we called “offices.”

RubyGarage copywriting

A sitemap of the RubyGarage website that we helped create

Once the new website was released, we continued working with RubyGarage providing them with team hiring assistance, SEO consultancy, competitive analysis, content audits, optimization, planning and editing, marketing operations, and analytics.

The lead generation goal was achieved after about six months since we had started working together.

Scope of Kaiiax content writing services

We provided end-to-end SEO and content marketing services to RubyGarage. Below, we only list the scope of work required at the stage of website content writing:

Website copy audit Keyword research Wireframing
SEO competitive analysis Value proposition definition Copywriting

Client feedback

Volodymyr Vorobyov, CEO at Rubygarage

“I reached out to Kaiiax when we just started marketing as we didn’t have any knowledge or experience in this field. They made a great contribution to building our marketing team, tuning all the processes, and choosing a strategic direction. They made a significant impact on how content marketing works at RubyGarage now.”

A convincing website is an infrastructure for effective content marketing

Content marketing can’t be effective without a compelling value proposition which forms the nucleus of a company’s offerings to clients. Content marketing is merely a promotional layer on top. Doing it all backward, or starting to publish content on a website with no offers or poorly articulated offers can only get you so far. If you don’t know who your client is and if you don’t optimize your offer for that client, no amount of content will move the needle.

That’s why we started our collaboration with RubyGarage by defining its target audience, crafting value propositions for every target market, and creating a website that clearly communicates a value proposition and can be found on Google search.

Today, our client’s marketing and sales teams have the infrastructure they need to promote and sell their company’s offers. 

As a result of all the hard work that RubyGarage has put into content marketing, their website remains one of the leading lead generation channels.