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Railsware AI/ML & Fintech Case Study

Railsware AI/ML & Fintech Case Study
Railsware AI/ML & Fintech Case Study

We helped Railsware attract clients from the fintech industry, generate leads looking for AI and machine learning consulting services, and improve their search engine rankings for Ruby on Rails web development services (the main key phrase related to their services). Kaiiax also helped Railswarians establish in-house content marketing operations and hire people to cover key marketing roles.

About Railsware

  • Software consultancy
  • Founded 2014
  • Ukraine, Poland
  • 100+ in-house specialists

Railsware is a world-class custom software development consultancy and product studio. Successfully operating both service-based and product-based businesses, Railsware owns the best of both practices.

Scope of Kaiiax services

What we did to help Railsware reframe inbound marketing:

Website content SEO Linkbuilding
Market research Technical SEO Talent acquisition
Consulting Marketing operations Education

Railsware’s goal was to discover what they didn’t know in inbound marketing and launch successful inbound marketing campaigns. As their marketing targets, they chose to focus on three niches: fintech, AI and machine learning, and Ruby on Rails.

Kaiiax collaborated with a well-aligned horizontal team led by Sergey Korolev, a managing director of Railsware. Railsware’s team demonstrated a highly efficient multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving and a great passion for learning.

We delivered SEO-optimized website copy to promote their fintech, AI/ML, and Ruby on Rails web development offerings. All of these pages were crafted by Kaiiax and double-checked by Railsware’s team leaders. After a few iterations of on-site SEO optimization, backlink injections, content planning, and publishing, our major keywords reached the top 5 in Google search positions in the US and top 10 in the UK. A few months later, Railsware got their first pre-sale calls with leads interested in fintech app development and machine learning consulting services.

Team structure

We joined a horizontal cross-disciplinary team.

Client feedback

Sergey Korolev, Managing Director at Railsware

“Thanks Kaiiax for a great time working together. Kaiiax team was super great at sharing their expertise in marketing with my team. We got deep understanding of various marketing aspects and made some awesome work together. They are a two-pizza team with a really great capacity and deep knowledge in what they do.”

From failure to success

Before running efficient inbound campaigns for fintech, AI and machine learning, and Ruby on Rails web development, we failed at some. For example, we failed to plan and execute Facebook ad campaigns and AdWords retargeting campaigns. But that hasn’t stopped us.

Our fintech, AI/ML, and RoR lead generation campaigns were tightly aligned with Railsware’s core brand values – “Engineering excellence” and “Product thinking.” In other words, we managed to clearly communicate their value proposition and succeeded.