Kaiiax Principles


There are seven filters through which we pick out people and clients. Our principles aren’t constant. They change as we evolve as humans and as an organization. No matter how these principles will transform in the future, they will be based on strong work ethics, curiosity and an intention to improve the quality of life of our people and clients.

  1. We are stakeholders of our clients’ businesses.
  2. Benefiting society is as important to us as benefitting our clients.
  3. We have no fear to change, learn and act differently.
  4. It’s creative when it sells.
  5. We have zero tolerance for unfair competition.
  6. We cultivate privacy, respect, and freedom to act and think.
  7. Marketing is a numbers game.
Any business can be measured by revenues and profits. And it should be. However, it’s not the only dimension. The social value we bring is as important to us as the bottom lines of financial statements.