Marketing is locked. Poor management, disorganized knowledge, wasted talent, weak discipline – these guys keep marketing trapped. It needs to get out of the walls and into the world.

We've been doing our best to release marketing

Manage projects
Kaiiax takes the heavyweight off your shoulders. We don't only tell you what to do in marketing. We manage how you do it.
Optimize processes
Successful marketing is consistent. We review your processes and fix them so you could generate a steady flow of content.
Share knowledge
Unlike most marketing agencies, we share our insights, approaches, and knowledge with our clients so we could all grow faster.
Adopt technology
We work with tech companies and love technology. It helps you do more, spend less, and get what you want faster than others.
Support talents
Coaching, online course, guidance, feedback – we supply your team with everything they need to be productive at work.
Create value
To generate leads, marketing should provide value to customers. We help you figure out what value this can be and how to deliver it.
Good ideas fail because of weak execution. We know how to fix it. Excellent operations and disciplined management – we give you exactly what you need to keep your marketing alive and healthy.
Ian Chernov, CEO of Kaiiax

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