Eleken & Kaiiax

As a result of our collaboration, Eleken gets highly qualified leads from Google search. These are well-known SaaS companies looking for product design expertise.

Meet Eleken

Design agency
Founded 2014
Kyiv, Ukraine
Eleken is a design partner for SaaS businesses. They provide the best design talent to create world-class digital products. UI/UX design or marketing design – they do it both better than others.

Project context

Eleken is runned by Ilya Dmitruk. Ilya decided to redefine his company's business strategy: instead of targeting the market of traditional design projects, he decided to focus on SaaS app design. We helped Eleken transform their entire online brand image and achieve sustainable lead generation on the new market.

To achieve Eleken’s ambitious goals, we created a long-term content strategy that targets the market of SaaS, and built a team of content writers and link builders to help us execute it.

With regular SEO, consistent link building, constant content quality checks and strategy revision, Eleken's content marketing team directed by Kaiiax Co-founder and Content Director Kate Abrosymova hit their first targets at the end of 2020. Since then, the results are growing.

Scope of Kaiiax services

What we did to set up and scale Eleken’s content marketing.
Content strategy
Project management
Editor’s feedback
Competitive research
Website content
Technical SEO
Talent acquisition

Client feedbacks

Ilya Dmitruk
CEO, Eleken

Our new blog and backlinks strategy helped us to generate 20+ organic leads per month and put about 30+ keywords in Google's top rank. At first month we had multiple discovery meetings and brainstorming sessions to structure our new positioning and figure out a new marketing strategy. Ian and Kate took a great role as a CMO at the first place. They also helped us to hire a team of writers.

Team structure

We got super lucky to hire talented content writers and link building specialists. Here is how we organized their work.


We engaged with Eleken in June 2020 to define the strategy and start building a team. In November 2020, the company started seeing the first results from content marketing that have been consistently growing since then.

When TTM is a thing

At the project evaluation phase we made a feasibility study of Ilya’s idea to concentrate on the market of SaaS businesses looking for professional design services. We discovered that this niche has a good potential for organic lead generation and so we rushed to help Ilya reach his target market as soon as possible.

Despite several unsuccessful hiring cycles, Eleken never stopped looking for new candidates and Kaiiax continually evaluated them.

Now Eleken has a stong team, tuned-up marketing operations and their goals achieved in the short period of time.

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